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Drupal is Turning 13 – Join the Party!

Submitted by sysadmin on Wed, 2014-01-15 00:00
Happy 13th Birthday Drupal

* Source: jsailors blog *

Congratulations Drupal community. You are now raising a teenager!

On this January 15th, it will be 13 years to the day that Drupal 1.0.0 was released. 

We all know about the big success stories of largeglobal organizations using Drupal to do good and do well. There are also the lesser-known stories about school children learning a valuable skill orcommunity members spontaneously joining together to help people in need.

So, on January 15th it’s time to celebrate and even consider giving a birthday gift back to the project. Here are some ways to join the party. 

  • Drupal Birthday Sprint: Give Drupal a birthday present by tackling a Drupal 8 issue on January 15th. If you already have something you want to work on, great! Mentors will be on hand to help anyone get involved. All the details are here.

  • Dries Reddit AMA: Have a question for Dries? Ask him anything during his Reddit AMA beginning at 9am Eastern U.S. time. Details here.

  • Meetups: If you are going to be in Manchester or Long Island, join the meetups happening that day.

  • Prepare for Global Sprint Weekend!: There are 19 sprints participating in the Global Sprint Weekend at the end of the month. See the list or sign up your own sprint here

Every year brings new triumphs and new challenges but one thing is clear: no challenge is too big or too difficult for the Drupal community.

So put on your party hat and let's have some fun!


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