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Codesprint sponsors

List of Sponsors of the Drupal Events Code Sprint 2012

Main Sponsor


MicrosoftMicrosoft has worked with the Drupal Community to improve interoperability, resulting in more choices for users. Drupal runs great on the Microsoft Web Platform and Microsoft along with its hosting partners is working to make hosting Drupal on Windows a great choice for everyone. More...


Organizing Sponsors


MD Systems Miro Dietiker initiated this Sprint. MD Systems is one of the global maintainers of the multilingual system (i18n) of Drupal. We have expertise in building multilingual drupal sites for years. Our goal is to release a new module that simplifies translation management and workflows to optimize the efficiency of all our future projects.






S.W.I.S. GroupS.W.I.S. GROUP is a Swiss Venture capital firm that does more than just provide money. S.W.I.S. Group helps turn an idea into a realistic project, turn a realistic project into a start-up and or helps a start-up with Human Resources, Strategy development, Recruiting, Fundraising (seed, 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier), Marketing and other needed services.



Supporting Sponsors

Acquia Acquia helps organizations create great web experiences using Drupal. Co-founded by Drupal’s creator in 2007, its customers include Twitter, Al Jazeera, Turner, World Economic Forum, Stanford University, New York Senate, and NPR. As your enterprise guide, Acquia leverages Drupal's power while simplifying its deployment.


Mazze is a Swiss-based Drupal service provider. The focus is on creating compelling web experiences in any language, on any device.



wunderkrautWunderkraut is one of the established Drupal experts in the German-speaking area located in Munich. We offer consulting, training and implementation services for B2B-partners, such as technical service providers, web agencies or IT-departments. We develop and evaluate the practicability of Drupal projects, guiding large-scale web-platforms from concept to go-live. We train IT-teams or individual developers and provide the expertise they need to achieve their project goal. We are a reliable partner for the implementation of sophisticated Drupal solutions, preferably using scrum methodology and enterprise-oriented tools


Translation Services Providers

supertext Switzerland based Supertext AG was the first copywriting and translation agency on the internet. We are a full-service provider and more than 300 select copywriters, authors, editors, proofreaders and translators ensure first rate text quality. In German, French, English, Italian and 15 other languages.





myGengo myGengo is a Tokyo-based crowd-sourced translation platform providing access to over 4,000 translators and covering 15 language pairs (with more to come!). Through our API, platforms can simplify the process of requesting translations by integrating the workflow directly into any system. We look forward to collaborating with the Drupal community in creating an awesome translation plugin, allowing users to reach a global audience easily.