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Codesprint 2012-01

Drupal Events is organizing a CodeSprint about content translation management & workflows. The sprint will take place will take place from 16th to 22nd of January 2012 in the offices of MD Systems, Räffelstrasse 25, 8045 Zürich in Switzerland. We are looking forward to 20+ persons coding. (yes, one full week of geeky coding!)

We will be looking at:

D7 is amazing but building up bigger multilingual sites is a pain. For every multilingual project we, as well as our customers loose time (= money) when coordinating translation processes. The codesprint should not address too much i18n and core translation/localization support. It's much more about building a D7 contrib extension to support editors/publishers/translators and project managers during their process of initially populating content translations. We should be supporting their work. Show them what to translate, show priorities, states of translation, possible changes of (source) content that need to be considered. We need queues of content and dashboards to show provide overview(s). Also using translation services (professional paid external individuals, google translate) like or icanlocalize would be great.

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